Asian Art Museum Brush Painting Activity

Can a single brushstroke capture the spirit of a mountain?

We worked with the Asian Art Museum to develop an art-making activity that introduces the aesthetics, vocabulary, and techniques of Japanese and Chinese ink and wash painting. Designed primarily for use on a tablet by students in a classroom, the activity serves as an engaging and informative learning guide for teachers to introduce students to the art form in conjunction with a museum visit.

Visitors can choose to follow the composition of several paintings that epitomize the art form, or create their own artwork by employing classic techniques. A brush, ink stick, ink stone, and paper, collectively known as The Four Treasures, allow visitors to select opacity and brushstroke, which can be further modified by scale and rotation. Visitors can then sign their creation with the museum seal, and save to their own device.

Asian Art Museum

Brush Painting Activity

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