The Bruce Museum Digital Strategy

Night Kitchen collaborated with Metcalfe Architecture and Design to engage the Bruce Museum in re-envisioning their Natural Science galleries. Though exploring the new interpretive goals with the Bruce, Night Kitchen proposed a series of interactives that break down the core theme of “Natural Cycles Shape Our World.”

Our vision begins with a series of four Natural Cycle touchscreens integrated across several galleries. Together they act as a conceptual through-line for the exhibition. The cycles featured range from easily observable short-term cycles, such as the tidal impact on coastal ecosystems, to complex long-term processes like plate tectonics and orbital cycles. Each touchscreen will feature naturalistic illustrations of the species and ecosystems affected by each natural cycle.

In addition to the Natural Cycles touchscreens, Night Kitchen will be creating an animation that envisions the fossilization process over a real-life fossil, a dynamic light and sound show for the Bruce’s woodland diorama, and a full video about natural cycles to be played in the new science activity center. We are currently in the development phase of this project and welcome you to visit the Bruce in the summer of 2021 to see it all come to life!

The Bruce Museum

Digital Strategy